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An open letter from a cyclist to 99% of drivers

The news always seems to be carrying some story about a cyclist and a driver getting into a fight or of a cyclist being struck by a car while they are riding. When these stories are discussed in the comments section of a news site tempers flare and heated arguments about sharing the road break out. The pattern is so consistent that you can predict it pretty accurately: Cyclists hate drivers that don't give them enough room on the road Drivers hate cyclists that use roads they didn't pay for Cyclists hate drivers that don't pay attention Drivers hate cyclists that see stop signs and traffic lights as optional Cyclists hate drivers that think bikes can't be lawfully ridden on the road Drivers hate cyclists that slow traffic The number of arguments leveled at one another is the ultimate fodder for Interweb trolls but the consistent pattern I see is the hatred part. As a vehicle driver and dedicated cyclist I'd like to take a slightly different approach to this: Dear