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PotensMentor: Unleashing Potential in Tech Leaders

Dear Friends, I am writing my first blog post in years to share some exciting news and a significant shift in my professional journey. I have decided to follow a longstanding passion of mine: executive coaching. A few years ago, I received my certification as an executive coach, and I believe now is the perfect time to put that to good use. The name of my new venture is PotensMentor . This executive coaching practice is designed specifically to nurture and empower leaders in the technology sector, a domain I have been intimately involved with throughout my four-decade-long career. PotensMentor is committed to unlocking the potential of tech leaders, fostering personal growth, and building resiliency in a rapidly evolving industry landscape. Our mission at PotensMentor is simple, yet profound. We aim to ignite transformative growth in technology leaders, helping them evolve into the best versions of themselves. Through committed partnership and immersive coaching, we strive to empower t