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A Course Change

When I started this blog just over 10 years ago it was to  document what I was experiencing while adopting a Mac . My primary computing platform at that time was Windows and I was both a long time user and developer. My goal with the blog was simple: I was learning a new platform and wanted to share with others what I had discovered. The internet has always been a tremendous resource for me and I felt that I should do my part and contribute to that knowledge base. That simple goal ended up serving hundreds of thousands of readers over the years. Though I haven't made a single post to this blog in over 4 years, hundreds of people still visit this blog daily based on search results for things like  Time Machine errors ,  keyboard shortcuts ,  upgrading an old Mac hard drive to an SSD  and  setting up a MacBook for a college student . I received messages from readers of this blog fairly regularly asking when I would return to blogging, but I always replied with "soon... I h