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Things I learned from my mom

Hug Frequently A hug costs nothing yet gives a huge return. Spend them on family and friends as though you have an unlimited supply, because you do. Enjoy Family Time My mom was happiest when we were all sitting at the dinner table, swapping stories and making one another laugh. I am happiest when I am sitting at the dinner table with my own kids, making each other laugh. Laugh Easily Open yourself to laughter. Try to find the humor in things, even if it sometimes comes at your own expense. When frustration is about to lead to anger, try laughing about it instead. Protect Ferociously If you attempt to harm my child I will personally introduce you to the afterlife. No, I am completely serious. Marry My Child, Become My Child When I married my wife, my mom didn't treat it as though she lost a son but that she finally gained a daughter. She gave her love unconditionally and always treated my wife as her own child. Say “I love you” Don't assume your family and close