Mac: Had your Mac a while? Check this out...

Okay, you may know I'm a noob when it comes to Mac - I haven't even hit the two month mark yet. One of the things that happens when you get a new device like Mac is that you spend a lot of time checking out all the cool features because everything is so new. But what about people that have had their Mac for a while? How do you learn about features that have been added to OS X over the years that slipped by you?

Take a couple of minutes now and read this page:

I've noticed over the last month or so that people often put in comments like "I've been using my Mac for years and didn't know that!" even when I write about some pretty simple stuff. The beauty of the OS X UI is that it does a great job of masking complexity. The reason I love OS X is that if I dig just a little I find all kinds of cool things that are not readily apparent on first glance.

When I go through that list, which I've scanned through many times, I always seem to find something cool. 

Chances are you will too.


Anonymous said…
on the topic of discovering new things in OS X...

The book "Mac OS Leopard Killer Tips" by Scott Kelby is a wonderful book when it comes to discovering tips and tricks in OS X.

Kelby's "Killer Tips" series are great. He's a great author.

I have the "OS X Tiger Killer Tips", haven't gotten the Leopard book yet. But I'm sure it's just as good.
Kendall Price said…
Hey David,

Have you checked out

I found it pretty helpful.

David Alison said…
@Eric: Looks like an interesting read - thanks!

@Kendall: I hadn't seen that one. Great tip - thanks.

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