Spending time with WebKit

I've already made it clear that I prefer Safari over Firefox, mainly because of it's speed and simplicity. Lately I've been spending more time with WebKit, the next release of Safari. If you haven't seen it you can download it for free from the Webkit.org site.

The nice thing is that you can have it and the production version of Safari running at the same time. It preserves all of your settings and bookmarks too. I've only experienced a single problem with it lately, and it's related to my installation of Inquistor. This morning, ironically while I was composing this post about how stable the Safari beta is, the browser shut down with an error message indicating that I had extensions installed and that it could cause unexpected shutdowns. Oh well.

It does appear a bit faster than the current production release of Safari.


Anonymous said…
Start up WebKit first, then Safari and you won't get that 'extensions found' message
Anonymous said…
Try Safari with the Acid3 test. Now try WebKit. THAT's why I use WebKit.
Zac Hansen said…
Try Firefox 3 beta 4. It's the bomb. It has all the speed of safari, but with the extensions of firefox. Especially if you're a web developer, I don't know how you can live without Firebug! (Make sure to get 1.1 for use with ff3).
djjd said…
To heck with Firebug - if you're using Webkit (or Safari 3 for that matter), enable the Debug menu and checkout the Web Inspector.

Once you get used to the Webkit nightly builds - forget it, there's no going back.

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