It's a small world after all

Off my Mac adventures for a minute, I had a really odd experience yesterday that I need to write about. First, some background: my brother is a big time car guy based in Southern California. He does vehicle imports from Japan and specializes in Nissan Skylines. I speak about him often to my friends, especially Bill - a car addict if there ever was one.

So yesterday I get a ping in iChat from Bill (paraphrased below).

Bill: Does your brother have a black GTR? 

Me: Yes he does, just got one in from Japan.

Bill: Well, I found a video of a black GTR on the web and I can't see the driver but he sounds just like you. All you can see is his hands and he has the same gestures that you do.

I clicked on the link and sure enough, it was my brother talking about his new car. There's no reference to his name but Bill figured it had to be my brother not because of the car but because of the voice. Bill's never met my brother either, so it really was a "wow, this guy sounds just like you" thing. Bill and I worked together for a very long time so he knew me as well as just about anyone.

Sure, GTRs are rare and I had mentioned to Bill that Daryl is a big time car guy but the fact that he figured it had to be my brother because of the voice and hand gestures was just wild. Keep in mind that I am on the East Coast and my brother is 2,300 miles away on the West Coast.

Want to know what my voice sounds like? Apparently all you need to do is watch the video above.

I recommended to Bill that he join the cast of CSI.


Unknown said…
you can see his face in the mirror at one point if you watch.

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