Inquisitor - nice addition to Safari

I mentioned before that I really like the Spotlight feature in OS X. Well, a friend mentioned that I should check out Inquisitor, a Freeware Spotlight like add-on for Safari.

It's about as simple as it gets - rather than typing text into the Google search box in the upper right and seeing the Google results page, you can see a preview of a few pages right there at the top.

One brief word of caution though; if you install it, make sure you are done with everything you have in your Safari tabs because without warning it shuts down Safari.


bdavidson said…
FYI... Safari has a nice feature to "reopen all windows [and tabs] from last session"

Its under the history pulldown.
David Alison said…
Cool - that is a nice feature - thanks Brad!
Anonymous said…
If you are looking for more Safari add-ons, then look no further than They have pretty much everything out there, categorized and summarized.
David Alison said…
Thanks! I actually found yesterday. Lots of great stuff in there.
Anonymous said…
If you like the spotlight feature on OS X, you should definitely download Quicksilver. By far my favorite program and the most productive program out there.
Steve Palmer said…
I have to second the Quicksilver recommendation... if you're more inclined to type a few keystrokes than grab a mouse and point and click (and it sounds like you are that type) then give it a whirl. You can do *anything*... open apps, control iTunes, add a calendar appt... it's really a remarkable piece of software. Absolutely indispensible... and no I'm not getting a comission from them ;-)
Anonymous said…
I use to use Inquisitor until I found Glims. I recommend you give it a try.

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